M1.3 | Use of prior knowledge in CT reconstruction

A C-Arm CT system, as compared with CT systems, is more sensible to the scattered radiation. This acquired scattered radiation leads, unavoidably, to a degradation of the reconstructed object's quality.

Every bit of information - that we call 'prior knowledge' - possible to being safely introduced during the image reconstruction process or post-processing can help to improve image qualities, reduce the overall acquisition time, or reduce the dose acquired by the patient.

Depending on background and interests of the candidate, the research focus in this sub-project will be either on the presence of metallic implants such as platinum coils or clips, which impair image qualities (causing poor estimation of scattered radiation, beam-hardening effects and detector underexposure), or more general approaches to the use of prior knowledge in CT reconstruction in close consultation with the designated sub-project PIs.


Sub-project kickoff: Preselection in preparation

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