Vacancies / Research Scholarships

The 1st-call deadlines for application (Nov-30, 2016 and Jun-22, 2017) have expired with all associated interviews having been conducted and final decisions based on the 1st-call pool made in the meantime.

Within the 1st-call context, the majority of research scholarships / PhD positions has successfully been awarded.

However, 5 sub-projects had to be re-announced owing to the fact that no suitable candidates could be spotted.

Meanwhile, also the 2nd-call deadline for application (Sep-17, 2017 - 23:59 CET) has expired with all related interviews having been conducted and final decisions based on the 2nd-call pool successfully made.

Therefore, thanks to all the 200+ 1st-call and 120+ 2nd-call applicants for your indicated interest in a research scholarship as part of the International Graduate School MEMoRIAL @OVGU Magdeburg, Germany funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF).

Given the great number of applications, we kindly ask for your understanding that candidate-specific rationals for individual, sub-project-related “rule-outs“ or reasons for being out of question will just be communicated on request to all applicants, who have not yet been invited for any interview or have not yet received any positve answer for our part.

However, owing to the fact that no suitable candidates could be spotted within all calls for applications to date, the following 3 (out of 21) sub-projects / PhD positions are still vacant:

Module I: Medical Engineering
 M1.10 | Deep learning for interventional C-arm CT
 Profile & application guidelines (M1.10) ...
Module II: Materials Science

M2.2 | Characterisation and simulation-based development of Engineering Materials

CLOSED (deadline: Apr-01, 2018 - 23:59 CEST)
Preselection proceeds in full swing with Skype interviews supposed to start within the FIRST HALF of APRIL

M2.9 | Preparation and testing of phase change materials for thermal storage

Profile & application guidelines (M2.9) COMING SOON

Graduates not yet having submitted any M1-related application ("knock-out" criterion 1/5) are thus welcome to direct their

  • M1.10-specific (to be referenced via subject line / "knock-out" criterion 2/5) application documents ...
  • according to the individual qualification profiles and formal guidelines mentioned above ("knock-out" criterion 3/5) and ...
  • pooled within one, combined, and complete PDF-File (max. 10 MB / "knock-out" criterion 4/5)


Deadline for application: May-07 (Mon), 2018 – 23:59 CEST ("knock-out" criterion 5/5).

Scholarship amount: EUR 2.250 monthly.

Once the deadline has expired, further information concerning the (Skype) interview schedule and technical aspects will appropriately be provided in a personal manner to the applicants in question.

Any news regarding the status of the selection process will be posted here.

Meanwhile, we kindly ask you to refrain from enquiries referring to individual status updates.
Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Additional calls for applications are neither guaranteed nor ruled out.
Please keep track.

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